Keno at Las Atlantis Casino


Las Atlantis online casino keno is highly rated among all casinos on the market. The casino welcomes the player with generous bonuses, customer support around the clock, and various games. In this article, we'll take a closer look at all aspects of the casino, what bonuses this casino offers, and what they can get.

What is keno?

Las Atlantis online casino keno rules is a vast library of gambling games. There are more than two hundred different games in the casino. These games have the most different themes. Whether it be marine subjects or the treasures of the Maya, everyone can find a game to his liking.

Casino Las Atlantis offers the player to play such games as:

  • table card games;
  • roulette;
  • slots;
  • lotteries.

There are also many variations of these games, which may depend on the region in which they are famous. The player is also invited to play various popular lotteries.

Lotteries are popular worldwide because of their price. One of the most popular lotteries at Las Atlantis online casino real money keno lottery. Keno is a straightforward game; the lottery aims to guess the correct numbers. 

Live games can be considered the highlight of the online keno casino app Las Atlantis games. These games broadcast the whole experience and atmosphere of real land-based gaming sites. 

The advantage of live games is that you play with a live person, which makes the process more exciting and close to the real thing. Also, since most other casinos use the SGS, the game becomes slower, and there can be problems. 

A live dealer nullifies these problems. Live games are created using only professional equipment. 

For creating games, responsible for leading companies in developing gaming software. The games are made with high-quality HD graphics, colorful interfaces, and atmospheric music. 

The security of gamblers at the casino is ensured by its encryption technology of personal data, which protects them from fraudsters. Also, in Las Atlantis, there are means of protection against the theft of players' funds.

A step-by-step guide to keno

Let's talk more about the Keno lottery. Keno is a simple game where players have to choose the numbers that, if they are lucky, will be in the next drawing. Typically, players make anywhere from 1 to 15 selections, depending on how many spots they want to draw. As a bonus with this, players can get quite real prizes. Next, the draw selects 20 numbers from 1 to 80. The player must see if his numbers match the numbers on the ticket. If there are enough matches, the player can win cash prizes. The amount of numbers that should match depends on the type of lottery ticket.

A winning amount determines the casino. Play casino keno online Las Atlantis lottery uses CRT, so it doesn't allow the player to predict what spots will be selected next, preventing the player from manipulating drawing results. This game is based on the player's luck, so the player can choose any virtual or lucky numbers.

Las Atlantis casino has its system of various game bonuses, which generously bestow upon the player. The first bonus the player receives immediately after registration. Some bonuses a player gets after replenishing his deposit account. 

The player can also obtain bonuses to try a new casino or slot machine.

Let's take a closer look at the bonuses offered by the casino Las Atlantis. 

The casino offers us such bonuses as: 

  • deposit bonus;
  • no deposit bonus;
  • free spins;
  • cashback.

Cashback is a bonus when the player returns a percentage of the number of bets placed on the account.

A deposit bonus is applied to players when replenishing the game deposit, thereby increasing its amount. For example, a deposit bonus can be received in various promotions and a bonus incentive for registration.


Crispins are free spins in slot machines. They can be machined with a high percentage of RTP. The most common way to use free spins is slots. You spin the reel. If you win, a combination of symbols will appear in the line, depending on the combination. 

Also, to win the funds, you can withdraw the money for the conditions of the wager. You will need to bet a certain amount to get the funds won through free spins.


Given all the above information, we can conclude that Las Atlantis casino games keno online is very high quality. After all, users can win quite reasonable amounts of real money without doing anything. And considering Las Atlantis free casino keno online lottery tickets are inexpensive, you can quickly recoup the money spent.

Therefore, users can safely register at Las Atlantis online casino. After that, start playing at Kenо and win real money. And sooner or later, you will be able to win the main jackpot of the Keno game.

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